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So human!

"I love Dr. Heidi’s topics and how each episode has such a human and inspiring take away. She is brilliant at weaving humanity and technology together. Always great insights!"
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"I love this podcast! Global Nomad Hacks is filled with travel adventures, collected heartfelt memories, new ideas and insights into working remotely, and inspirational stories of the inner beauty of each and every human being that inhabits this planet."
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A timely message
"I love Dr. Heidi’s topics and how each episode has such a human and inspiring take away. She is brilliant at weaving humanity and technology together. Always great insights!"
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"The intersection of technology and life has never been more important to be discussing right now. Heidi is a MASTER interviewer and her approachable style is a breath of fresh air."
Steve Olsher
Creator of New Media Summit
"With technology advancing exponentially, the need for mindfulness could not be more important than today! This podcast dives into the human aspects of technology, and with Heidi’s expertise, she guides the conversations that matter in a world where the duality of humanity and exponential technology growth is radically apparent everyday more and more. Thank you Heidi for this fantastic show!"
Josh Trent
Host of Wellness Force Radio
"Splendid bridgework, spanning often-inexplicable human behavior to the most advanced technologies of our time. Dr. Forbes Öste has narrowed the gap of communication between mind and machine in a framework that advances enhances health and well being for all of us in the workplace. No matter what work environment, we may be."
Charlyn Belluzzo
"When you evolve your digital self, everything just flows. Heidi’s book will help you understand how to move from technology overwhelm to curiosity and peace of mind so that technology becomes your servant rather than your master."
Rob Goyette
Marketing and Technology Strategist
"I already love it! I am in the middle of the Jeff Tambor episode and I am already hooked! Going into the new year I have been really focusing on transformation and self-growth so this felt like a particularly special episode to hear as this year comes to a close. This quote really stood out to me: “Our smart phones are one of our closest relationships” I also really enjoyed Jeff’s idea that the smartphone is sort of its own entity and we can have more of a symbiotic relationship with it - As opposed to the master/servant dynamic. I rather enjoy the idea of a more harmonious relationship with technology."
Host of At Last Podcast
"Heidi is giving us a theoretical framework how to understand the Digital Self and how it impacts our everyday lives. Most likely it shows up in having your digital business with services and products. This book is a roadmap on how to navigate, but also in the understanding of the hurdles that can show up on your way to Digital Self Mastery. This book is a must read for everyone interested in creating an online business."
Maria Appelqvist
Founder Conscious Love Movement
"In an age where we get everything we want, and we get it now, moderation seems more of a foreign concept than a necessary and healthy practice. On the flip side, it also means we can avoid helpful but anxiety-inducing technology, though it doesn’t mean we should. Digital Self Mastery is geared toward both ends of the spectrum and provides guidelines and tips for bringing you toward the sweet spot of ‘Digital Balance’. As technology is so omnipresent in our daily lives, it’s important to develop healthy habits and attitudes toward it. This book is geared toward the usage of technology in our professional lives, but also has some tangents about its presence in our personal lives. Highly recommended."
John North
Evolve Systems Group
"Thank you for providing a source for techno-phobes like me to get a grip on all things digital. Little did i know how social behavior plays an important role in absorbing technology. Thank you for spelling it out so easily!"
Stacey Canfield
Image Artist